Masteron – Learn about dosages, side effects and reviews

The injectable anabolic steroid Masteron is a popular drug among steroid users and is mainly used during a period when cutting is the goal. In addition, it is often used during the preparation of bodybuilding competitions. The active substance that gives this agent its properties is drostanolone propionate. The main reason that users are administering Masteron the anti-estrogenic properties of this medicine.

Origin of Masteron

The company Syntex, which also has other tools such as [tooltip title = “More information”] Anadrol [/ tooltip] and [tooltip title = “More information”] Superdrol [/ tooltip] developed Masteron as a medicine as early as 1959. However, it only became marketed in 1970.

It was originally intended as a drug that inhibits breast cancer that is at an advanced stage. It was mainly prescribed for postmenopausal women, but here it was used less and less over time. The reason for this is that, although this is very mild compared to a testosterone agent, it causes virilization. This is less the case with a number of alternatives that are used for the same purposes.

Masteron for bodybuilding

In the world of body building it is widely used because of its anti-estrogenic and anti-catabolic properties. This combines this agent with androgenic properties that cause an increase Masteronin effect. Most people add this agent to get a dry, hard look while losing fat.

In a nutshell, it binds to part of the [tooltip title = “More information”] aromatase enzymes [/ tooltip] that provide aromatization. In addition, it does not aromatize itself. You can compare it a bit like a sponge that sucks up some of these enzymes.

This makes it extremely suitable for use in combination with agents such as testosterone. Handy if cutting or a dry look during a match preparation is the goal. It reduces the properties of other resources that you are not looking for and supports your body to get the best out of it.


As indicated, Masteron is primarily a means to counteract the disadvantages of other means, such as moisture retention. The most important characteristics that ensure this are:

  • Does not aromatize
  • Anti-estrogen
  • Anti-catabolic
  • Increases power


Because it mainly has androgenic properties, there are of course a number of side effects. The most common are:

  • Suppressed hormone production
  • Acne
  • Risk of enlargement of the prostate
  • Potential loss of main hair
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Virilization

Use and stacking of Masteron

For people who want to bulge, Masteron may not be the most suitable tool. There are simply resources and stacks that are better suited for this. However, if the goal is to cut, certainly to very low fat percentages, then Masteron can provide a dry, hard look.

Masteron works best in combination with agents that ensure muscle retention / muscle growth. The most used and logical stack is the combination with testosterone. The most practical is to use testosterone with the same ester as Masteron.

Masteron is available in two different types:

  • Propionate – Inject 2-3 times a week
  • Enanthate – Inject once a week

The recommended amount of Masteron per week is between 400mg and 600mg per week. Generally it is wise to use the propionate variant in slightly smaller doses compared to the enanthate.