Does erection cause problems

Does erection cause problems due to old age?

No. In that respect, it is true that erection problems occur more often as men get older. However, it is not that it is a function of aging or that it is normal for someone who is getting older. There are a number of medical causes that can be the cause of erection problems, which are more common in old people than in young people. Consider, for example, declining testosterone levels or prostate problems.

So if you are someone who is elderly and has problems getting a satisfactory erection, visit the doctor to find out together what may have caused these problems and what to do about resolving the causes or symptoms. However, it almost never has anything to do with your date of birth.

Problems with erection due to old age

A rare man does not dream of being in bed “hoo” years of commercials up to … No, better while breathing! Even fewer among them are those who do something for this. And what is still needed?

The condition of any body is impossible without compliance with the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. Without this banalism, if not to say tediousness, long potency is impossible. But there are several other factors that play a crucial role in the preservation of male power for many years. First of all, those that affect the human vascular system, since the mechanism of erection is a powerful blood flow to the penis through the arteries, and blocking its outflow through the blood supply through the veins. That is why 80% of cases of loss of potency are caused by problems in the human vascular system.

Do you know that over the years the man’s penis is reduced in size? Experts-cosmetologists told about some other facts that occur with the male genital organ as they age.

Aging has many unpleasant side effects and effects like gray hair in the hair, weight gain, falling out teeth and weakening memory. And now it turns out that this inevitable phenomenon does not neglect the main male pride – the penis. British urologists told how aging affects the penis.

5 consequences of aging for the penis

1. It decreases. Perhaps this will not please any man, but sometimes the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. The decrease in the penis over the years is due to the fact that the cells lose access to collagen, thereby reducing the elasticity of the penis. Testosterone levels are also falling. Finally, if a man has a volumetric tummy with age, then the penis will look even smaller.

2. The shape is changing. Penises have a variety of shapes and curves, but over the years they may vary slightly. In older men, the penis is often bent. Over the years, this body has endured some injuries that lead to the formation of scar tissue, and the more there were, the more its shape will change.

3. Chubby weakens. Of course, erection problems can appear in men of any age, but over the years they become more and more noticeable. The excitement of a man is associated with the bloodstream, and over the years our blood vessels are littered with various sediments, which disrupts the blood flow. Blame bad erections can be hormonal imbalance and problematic veins.

4. Color changes. When the arteries are blocked during the development of atherosclerosis, the blood flow to the penis area is disturbed (see above), which also affects its color. The less blood the penis receives, the more pale it is. Another characteristic sign of aging of the penis is its mottling. The same thing can sometimes be noticed in the hands of an elderly person.

5. It is wrinkled. That’s right – wrinkles attack not only the face. The skin loses its elasticity in different parts of the body, including the penis. There are plastic surgeries that help get rid of excess skin, but in general, this is a normal consequence of aging.